What does the paid pass give you?

The paid pass gives you...

- ongoing, "lifetime" access to the replays of all main summit sessions. You can watch the recordings as many times as you want with no planned expiry date.

- transcripts of the main sessions (computer generated). 

- audio versions of the main session talks, delivered by our podcast-like app, Soundwise (may not be available in every part of the world).

In addition, you'll receive individual bonuses from the speakers.

What is the secret "Workshop Day"?

I want this summit to be an unforgettable learning experience for you and your writing. Last year, many participants reported that the quantity and quality of the presentations was almost too much to take in (they said it was a good thing, fortunately). I had already created happy hour sessions and review "masterclasses" led by me, the host, to give attendees time to unwind, meet one another, and connect the dots from the different talks. 

However, I still wanted to respond to this very common feedback (the reports from attendees that the summit gave even experienced, very savvy writers the feeling that the top of their head was coming off with all the new techniques and tips they were receiving). 

So this year, I've created a fourth optional day, the "workshop" day. In this fourth day, you will review and reflect on the lessons from the event. In those four - five workshop sessions, you will try out the techniques in simple prompts and apply them to your own writing.

These sessions are led by members of our summit community, regulars who have attended this and last year's event. 

The workshop requires a paid ticket / add on to the regular summit pass (currently $22). This allows me to pay a stipend to the community leaders who are hosting the sessions. 

There are only 100 tickets to the workshop day, maximum, to preserve the small-scale, relaxed feeling of those sessions.

If you want to buy the pass and the workshop ticket, go here to register

Secure your ticket here!

(If you have already bought a ticket, and want to add on the workshop ticket, please contact support@danieldavidwallace.com and my team will guide you through the (simple) process.)

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