Style & Voice: the Writing Summit 

Take your writing to the next level and discover your true writing voice in our supportive, welcoming online event. Three days of training in writing style.

April 2nd - 4th 2022

The event is over -- watch the replays with a paid ticket!

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Why does Style matter?

If you write stories, your readers first encounter your style. Before anyone notices your plot or cares about your characters, they have already formed an opinion about your voice, your way of sounding on the page. 

Your writing style might be plain or ornate, or might change depending on your project, but the clearer and more vivid that style can become, the more memorable your writing will be.

I'm Daniel, the host of this annual event. I love talking about writing style and teaching it, and I wanted to share with you the insights of the best teachers I could find.

Style and Voice is a dedicated, focused learning experience to help you level up your writing and develop an unforgettable writing voice. The summit gathers together writers and teachers with an expert grasp on writing style, point of view, character creation, authorial voice, and artistic confidence. They want to teach you!

You'll finish this summit with new frameworks to write a compelling sentence and a fresh appreciation of the books you love the most.


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Three Ways to Get a Ticket

There are three ways to register for the event. 

The free ticket allows you to watch live (you'll be able to watch all three days of the summit live and for 24 hours after each talk posts). 

The paid Style Pass gives you on-going, replay access to all the main event sessions, as well as, after the summit ends, transcripts of the sessions and audio versions of the talks. 

The add-on purchase of a seat at the workshop day enables you to participate in the optional fourth day of the event, on April 5th. Here, community leaders from this and past summits will lead interactive workshop sessions to help you reflect on, review, and put to work the techniques from the main event. It's the best way to experience the summit.

You can upgrade your ticket at any time, but we are currently still on early bird pricing, so you should get your pass today before the price goes up.

Get your free guide as soon as you register

I've read dozens of books on writing style.

For this guide, I wrote up the best of those lessons in simple, easy to follow language.

Solve these writing problems

Where to put the most important word in a sentence?

Is it better to focus the reader's attention on verbs or nouns?

Why does "hypotactic" writing make your reader turn pages faster?

Learning about these writing techniques, and trying them out in practice sessions, has noticeably affected my ability to communicate and to express myself more vividly.

Over five-thousand novelists, bloggers, and freelancers have read, shared, and commented on these essays.

Featured talks

Not sure what to watch? Here are some talks you won't want to miss.

Workshop session 2: On Intuitive writing (paid ticket required)

05 April 2022, 06:00 PM

Kelly Gunter Atlas
POV and narrative distance

03 April 2022, 09:00 PM

Traci Skuce
Welcome to Style and Voice

02 April 2022, 02:00 PM

Daniel David Wallace
Describing people and places with the cumulative sentence

04 April 2022, 03:00 PM

Don Stewart

With 16 expert teachers, the writing skills you need are just a click away

Our experts will be sharing their best craft techniques and lessons from their publishing experience. This is going to be an intense, detailed education in writing style: you'll finish the event with a whole host of new skills.

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